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Licenses fees are set by the Board of County 委员 and are based upon which tier a STVR falls into. All rentals fall into one of the following three tiers:

  • 一级- 200美元 - Owner or operator is present on-site during the course of the rental.
  • 二级:$300 - Owner or operator is not present on-site during the course of the rental.
  • 三级:500美元 - Any STVR with an allowable occupancy of 15 or more persons, or three or more unique rentals on an individual property, whether or not the owner or operator is present on-site during the course of the rental.

Please note: The Board of County 委员 will increase license fees for licenses obtained after January 2023.


Annual licensing requirements are established by 鳞状细胞癌21.70.190(D). It is a violation of 电子游艺正规平台 Code to rent, 出租报价, or advertise for rent a STVR without first obtaining a license. Licenses are required annually and expire December 31st of each year.

  • 邻居须知: 在建立STVR后, the owner or contact person shall provide a notice to all property owners of record and/or occupants of properties within three hundred feet of the STVR. The notice shall include the telephone number of the owner and contact person. The purpose of this notice is so that neighboring property owners and residents can contact a responsible person to report and request resolution of problems associated with the operation of the STVR.
  • Operators are responsible for providing this notice and ensuring that all properties within 300 ft. 通知. 你可以使用 MapSifter to determine who should receive notice. You can provide the notice in any format you choose or you can use 这个模板.
  • 发布: Each annual license it must be posted in a conspicuous place in each STVR.
  • 撤销: We trust operators to run their STVRs responsibly, but we also need to ensure that STVRs minimize impacts to their residential neighbors and do not cause unreasonable burdens on services. 根据 鳞状细胞癌21.70.190(D)(3), 电子游艺正规平台 can revoke or place conditions on STVR licenses.


  • Dedicated on-site parking shall be provided to accommodate all guests.
  • The STVR shall conform to all applicable standards in the building, 管道, 电, 机械, 火, 健康(水和化粪池), 以及任何其他适用的法规. Functioning carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors shall be kept in operating order and installed as required by the International Residential Code (IRC). At least one functioning 火 extinguisher shall be installed within the STVR.
  • Address numbers for the STVR shall be visible from the road.
  • The STVR shall be operated in a way that will prevent disturbances to neighboring properties not typical of a residential neighborhood, including but not limited to loud music, 噪音, 过多的交通, 喧闹而失控的派对, junk/debris/garbage accumulation in the yards, 非法侵入, 爱叫的狗, 或者车辆过多, boats or recreational vehicles parked in the streets in front of the unit. The rental shall not be used at any time to host commercial events, unless the rental is associated with an approved commercial event center.
  • 每RCW 64.37.050, a STVR operator must maintain primary liability insurance to cover the STVR in the aggregate of not less than one million dollars or conduct each STVR transaction through a platform that provides equal or greater primary liability insurance coverage.
  • 每RCW 64.37.020, STVR operators must remit all applicable local, 状态, and federal taxes unless the platform does this on the operator’s behalf.